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Metrik Facilities Management

Metrik offers a service that goes way beyond conventional Stationery and Document Solutions. Over the years our innovative thinking coupled with Client requests has resulted in a superb service whereby we can now offer an infinite array of products and tools to support your business needs.

Our range of branded and own brand facilities management products ensure we can meet your requirements to complete satisfaction ranging from Tea, Coffee, biscuits, Health and Safety Signage, First aid to Cleaning and Hygiene to Signage we have a range of products at competitive prices.

Our unique and aptly named Facilities Management Service (FM) is capable of combining any variety of items into regular or ad-hoc deliveries and reporting on their usage in any way the Client may desire and with this service it cuts down on costly staff administration and payment processes.

Increasingly, more and more businesses are combining their everyday stationery purchases with facility supplies in order to reduce procurement costs and streamline purchasing costs.

Everything we do at Metrik is focused on helping you save money and increase office efficiency. That’s why we introduced a full range of facilities management products to our portfolio over 8 years ago!

From our dedicated Facility Supplies Catalogue, you can purchase supplies from catering, cleaning & hygiene, washroom, packaging and mailing; to warehouse essentials, personal protective equipment and work wear, health and safety, security and tools.

All of this delivered with your paper and envelopes! Outsource the hassle to us – we thrive on it.